Bournevalley Saxony
Date of BirthOwnerBreeder
01/05/1998Bowman - BowmanBowman - Bowman

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
CH Licassa Jolly Roger CH Oldwell Saint Oldwell Oscar CH Wyburn Rula of Oldwell
Eve of Oldwell
CH Sylva of Oldwell CH Kracka of Oldwell
Gypsy of Jagofpeeko
Licassa Lady Rogina Jostmaro Super Trooper of Gosscroft Gosscroft Super Ted
CH Jostmaro Esta
Tartuffe Destiny of Licassa CH Graecia Centaur
Tartuffe Nutmeg
Bournevalley Solitaire Cadenham Beauman CH Oldwell Saxon of Bournevalley Oldwell Oscar
Tamara of Oldwell
Dolly Daydream at Cadenham CH Cadenham Ben Gunn
Oldwell Kyra
Bournevalley Faithfull CH Oldwell Saxon of Bournevalley Oldwell Oscar
Tamara of Oldwell
Tartuffe Suadela of Bournevalley The Brigedier from Tartuffe
Tartuffe Praxis

Date ShowJudgeAwards
09/12/2000 Ladies Kennel AssociationMr Barry BlundenBest of Breed
Best Bitch
Open Bitch
19/11/2000 Northern Bullmastiff Club Championship ShowMrs Dorothy MasseyOpen Bitch
29/10/2000 Midland CountiesMr M QuinneyBest Bitch
15/07/2000 National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship ShowMr Ken WykesReserve Best Bitch
Limit Bitch
09/07/2000 South Wales Kennel Association Championship ShowMr Colin JonesLimit Bitch
01/07/2000 Windsor Dog Show Society Championship ShowMrs Marion SpavinReserve Best Bitch
Limit Bitch
13/06/2000 Three Counties Agricultural SocietyMr W BrittleReserve Best Bitch
Limit Bitch
28/05/2000 Bath Championship Dog ShowMr G P CalverlyBest Bitch
Limit Bitch
07/05/2000 Welsh and West of England Bullmastiff Society Millenium Championship ShowMrs F A SommerfieldLimit Bitch
29/04/2000 West England Ladies Kennel Society Championship ShowMrs Edna EvansBest Bitch
Post Graduate Bitch
23/04/2000 Birmingham Dog Show Society, National Championship ShowMr Jim LeesonReserve Best Bitch
Post Graduate Bitch
30/10/1999 Midland Counties Championship ShowMrs Brenda BanburyJunior Bitch
12/09/1999 Richmond Championship Dog ShowMs Pamela Jeans-BrownJunior Bitch
04/09/1999 City of Birmingham Champioinship showMrs Felicity WilsonJunior Bitch
01/08/1999 Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Breed ShowMiss Jacqu LingJunior Bitch
17/07/1999 National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship ShowMrs Janet GunnJunior Bitch
14/07/1999 Paignton And District Fanciers Association Championship ShowMr Chris QuantrillJunior Bitch
11/07/1999 South Wales Championship ShowMrs Sue ReynoldsJunior Bitch
04/07/1999 Windsor Dog Show Society Championship ShowD SpencerJunior Bitch
16/06/1999 Three Counties Agricultural Society Championship ShowS W HallJunior Bitch
30/05/1999 Bath Canine Society Championship ShowMr Andrew BraceJunior Bitch
02/05/1999 Alton Canine SocietyJoyce CollisJunior Dog/Bitch
17/04/1999 Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Championship ShowM CalverlyBest Puppy
Puppy Bitch
12/12/1998 Ladies Kennel AssociationMrs M JonesPuppy Bitch

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
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