National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show
Date:  17/07/1999
Place:  Malvern
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs Janet Gunn
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs) Photo
Kingsreach William RufusBest of Breed   Y
Kingsreach William RufusBest Dog   Y
Summer Breezes at GraeciaBest Bitch  
Cadenham Bellisimo on CattaniaReserve Best Bitch  
Brookmead Marcus of GraeciaReserve Best Dog  
Rimmonside MaverickBest Puppy  
Cadenham Bellisimo on CattaniaOpen Bitch  
Kingsreach William RufusOpen Dog   Y
Baybeenell Donkey GoneLimit Dog  
Summer Breezes at GraeciaLimit Bitch  
Poachersfoe PenchantPost Graduate Bitch  
Vintage Gold at SundabishPost Graduate dog  
Syreshan Heir ApparentJunior Dog  
Bournevalley SaxonyJunior Bitch   Y
Bunsoro Samba at ShoebridgePuppy Bitch  
Rimmonside MaverickPuppy Dog  

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
I would like to hear from any reader of this page on any Bullmastiff UK Show Results shown or not shown.
I would also like to know if any of the dogs Pedigrees are correct
Also for any general constructive comments please contact,
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