Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Championship Show
Date:  17-Apr-99
Place:  Powys, Wales
Show Type: Championship Show
M Calverly
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Optimus MajorBest of Breed  
Optimus MajorBest Dog  
Flintstock Prima Donna of BrinscallBest Bitch  
Colom Triple FlorinReserve Best Bitch  
Leyrigg Killie ClachanReserve Best Dog  
Bournevalley SaxonyBest Puppy  
No EntriesOpen Dog  
Colom Triple FlorinOpen Bitch  
Optimus MajorLimit Dog  
Flintstock Prima Donna of BrinscallLimit Bitch  
Gardavie Great PretenderPost Graduate dog  
Graecia Athena of Keeper's AllyPost Graduate Bitch  
Tanglehill ZebidiahNovice Dog  
Bakewood Koh-i-noorNovice Bitch  
Leyrigg Killie ClachanJunior Dog  
Cadenham Best BelovedJunior Bitch  
Bournevalley SaxonyPuppy Bitch  
Tanglehill ZebidiahPuppy Dog  

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