Bath Canine Society Championship Show
Date:  30-May-99
Place:  Three Shires Field, Bath, England
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr Andrew Brace
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Nashbank I'm One AloneBest of Breed  
Ch Cheval Constant DreamerBest Dog  
Nashbank I'm One AloneBest Bitch  
Pryderi Buranji at ChalfsReserve Best Dog  
Blackslate Dream Chaser (Imp)Reserve Best Bitch  
Syreshan Heir ApparentBest Puppy  
Jagofpeeko BoraginaceVeteran Bitch  
Ch Cheval Constant DreamerOpen Dog  
Ch Pryderi Kolaia of OldwellOpen Bitch  
Blackslate Dream Chaser (Imp)Limit Bitch  
Pryderi Buranji at ChalfsLimit Dog  
Nashbank I'm One AlonePost Graduate Bitch  
Baybeenell Donkey GonePost Graduate dog  
Oldwell HawkeJunior Dog  
Bournevalley SaxonyJunior Bitch  
Barrus Remy MartinPuppy Bitch  
Syreshan Heir ApparentPuppy Dog  

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