Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Show
Date:  06-Aug-00
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs V Rowland (Dogs) and Mr E Dunn (Bitches)
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Licassa Sweet SerenityBest In Show (Breed Show)  
Ch Optimus MajorReserve Best In Show (Breed Show)  
Ch Optimus MajorBest Dog  
Licassa Sweet SerenityBest Bitch  
Wyburn ObbieReserve Best Dog  
Sundabish AmarettoReserve Best Bitch  
Sundabish AmarettoBest Puppy In Show (Breed Show)  
Gosscroft CharismaVeteran Bitch  
CH Licassa Jolly RogerVeteran Dog  
Ch Optimus MajorOpen Dog  
Licassa Sweet SerenityOpen Bitch  
Poachersfoe PenchantLimit Bitch  
Wyburn ObbieLimit Dog  
Copperfield Proffessor SmuginsPost Graduate dog  
Bournevalley DaedulasNovice Dog  
Sultans Pride and JoyNovice Bitch  
Murbisa MacauleyJunior Dog  
Murbisa ChanceJunior Bitch  
Stelph Lady AnnabelleSpecial Yearling Bitch  
Oldwell ElmerSpecial Yearling Dog  
Bramarley JasperBest Puppy Dog  
Sundabish AmarettoBest Puppy Bitch  
Sundabish AmarettoPuppy Bitch  
Bournevalley DaedulasPuppy Dog  
Sopheley So Phar So Good at ChevalMinor Puppy Bitch  
Bramarley JasperMinor Puppy Dog  

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