Copperfield Proffessor Smugins
Date of BirthOwnerBreeder
16-Apr-97Callaghan - CallaghanWarren - Green

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Maybrooks Follow Me to Strontium Marbette Master Sailor Marbette Master Greed Marbette Master Brandy
Jusamo Leda
Marbette Lady Bess of Frehey Naukeen Rambler
Honeysuckle Dreamer
Maybrooks Absolutely Marbette Master Greed Marbette Master Brandy
Jusamo Leda
Maybrooks Scarlet Copperfield Joe Gargery
Pipkin of Maybrook
Pitmans Good as Gold For Baveur Gucci Solid Gold Master of Kirse Naukeen Rambler
Beautiful Gemma
My Fair Lady Leyrigg Colonel Rambo
Leyrigg Anna Maria
CH Pitmans Classic Lady Pitmans Bonaparte Smart Alex of Navada at Pitmans
CH Lady Marona of Pitmans
Jobull's Julie CH Sharwell Mean Mr Mustard of Pitmans
Pitmans Game Girl of Jobull

Date ShowJudgeAwards
12-May-01 CruftsMr S FordReserve Best Dog
Post Graduate dog

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