British Bullmastiff League Championship Show
Date:  06-Apr-97
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr W Newton
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Dixson of the GreenBest of Breed  
Dixson of the GreenBest Dog  
Pryderi SimasanaBest Bitch  
Jalanath Brothers in ArmsReserve Best Dog  
Sasha's Dreams at BartramarReserve Best Bitch  
Graecia MirandaBest Puppy  
Dajean Solid as a RockVeteran Dog  
Lepsco Lady Elise of FlintstockVeteran Bitch  
Dixson of the GreenOpen Dog  
Pryderi SimasanaOpen Bitch  
Jalanath Brothers in ArmsLimit Dog  
Sasha's Dreams at BartramarLimit Bitch  
Colom Triple FlorinPost Graduate Bitch  
Herguardian Roth of Kaan at CathaljayPost Graduate dog  
It's So Easy of CopperfieldNovice Bitch  
Mikiera Magnificent SmaugNovice Dog  
Bournevalley WarriorMaiden Dog  
It's So Easy of CopperfieldMaiden Bitch  
Colom NelsonJunior Dog  
Colom Nina of MaxstokeJunior Bitch  
Amber Strike of ParabullPuppy Bitch  
Pryderi Buranji at ChalfsPuppy Dog  
Kingsreach William RufusMinor Puppy Dog  
Graecia MirandaMinor Puppy Bitch  

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