Bournevalley Warrior
Date of BirthOwnerBreeder
04-Nov-95Duke - DukeBowman - Bowman

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Bournevalley Trojans Legacy Bournevalley Barbarian CH Oldwell Saxon of Bournevalley Oldwell Oscar
Tamara of Oldwell
Tartuffe Suadela of Bournevalley The Brigedier from Tartuffe
Tartuffe Praxis
Bournevalley Athena Nightwatch Game Companion CH Bold Borage Jagofpeeko
Tartuffe Masquerade of Nightwatch
Atropos of Tartuffe at Bournevalley Tartuffe Cerberus
Tansybell of Naukeen
CH Cadenham Cherokee at Bournevalley CH Oldwell Saxon of Bournevalley Oldwell Oscar CH Wyburn Rula of Oldwell
Eve of Oldwell
Tamara of Oldwell CH Kracka of Oldwell
Twynfields Rebecca
Dolly Daydream at Cadenham CH Cadenham Ben Gunn CH Oldwell Corrallian
Cadenham Chance Meeting
Oldwell Kyra Oldwell Oscar
CH Sylva of Oldwell

Date ShowJudgeAwards
06-Apr-97 British Bullmastiff League Championship ShowMr W NewtonMaiden Dog

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