Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Breed Show
Date:  02-Aug-98
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr Crawford Taylor
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Colom FlorinBest of Breed  
Molosser AlexanderBest Dog  
Colom FlorinBest Bitch  
Cheval Constant DreamerReserve Best Dog  
Not KnownBest Puppy  
Kingsreach LadyhawkeVeteran Bitch  
Brinscall BarnabyVeteran Dog  
Colom FlorinOpen Bitch  
Colom NelsonOpen Dog  
Poachersfoe Precious MetalLimit Bitch  
Cheval Constant DreamerLimit Dog  
Molosser AlexanderPost Graduate dog  
Barrus Pat PendingPost Graduate Bitch  
Frankentals EastenderNovice Dog  
Licassa Sweet SerenityNovice Bitch  
Syreshan Razza Ma TazzJunior Dog  
Licassa Sweet SerenityJunior Bitch  
Bunsoro FirecrackerSpecial Yearling Bitch  
Zoolds Barrow Boy From BrinscallSpecial Yearling Dog  
Flintstock Prima Donna of BrinscallPuppy Bitch  
Grallon Clansman For HollywatchPuppy Dog  
Wyburn ObbieMinor Puppy Dog  
Syreshan Foxy LadyMinor Puppy Bitch  

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