Darlington Dog Show
Date:  14-Sep-02
Place:  England
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr Granville Blount
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs) Photo
Dreadnot GabrielBest of Breed   Y
Dreadnot GabrielBest Dog   Y
Stelph Lady AnnabelleBest Bitch   Y
Cathaljay Chloe Over MolosserReserve Best Bitch   Y
Cathaljay Lucilla for KnightmystBest Puppy  
Bunsoro Ferlines Pure GeniusBest Veteran  
AbsentVeteran Bitch  
Bunsoro Ferlines Pure GeniusVeteran Dog 1 (1)
Graecia GalaxyOpen Dog 6 (4)
Stelph Lady AnnabelleOpen Bitch 5 (2) Y
Colom GuyLimit Dog 6 (3) Y
Cathaljay Chloe Over MolosserLimit Bitch 7 (6) Y
Dreadnot GabrielPost Graduate dog 7 (6) Y
Brynfaw Governess at PennymillPost Graduate Bitch 6 (4) Y
Moorbull Lady MadonaJunior Bitch 7 (5) Y
Moorbull Bungalow BillJunior Dog 9 (7)
Cathaljay Lucilla for KnightmystPuppy Bitch 9 (7)
Judamar ConnorMinor Puppy Dog 5 (4)
AbsentMinor Puppy Bitch 2 (0)

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