British Bullmastiff League Open Show
Date:  03-Oct-99
Show Type: Open Show
C A Smith
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Mercury's Eclipse at GraeciaBest In Show (Breed Show)  
Bunsoro Hot ChocolateReserve Best In Show (Breed Show)  
Bunsoro Hot ChocolateBest Dog  
Syreshan Foxy LadyReserve Best Bitch  
Dayjaris Red HerringReserve Best Dog  
Stelph Little LadBest Puppy In Show (Breed Show)  
Ferlines Wizzo WizardOpen Dog  
Mercury's Eclipse at GraeciaOpen Bitch  
Dayjaris Red HerringLimit Dog  
Syreshan Foxy LadyLimit Bitch  
Murbisa EscarlataGraduate Bitch  
Bunsoro Hot ChocolateGraduate Dog  
Kandu Major Bill of BunsoroNovice Dog  
Cattania BohildassNovice Bitch  
Maddison's PrideMaiden Dog  
Dajoxx Bam BamMaiden Bitch  
Kandu Major Bill of BunsoroJunior Dog  
Bunsoro CalypsoJunior Bitch  
Minory Tonka LulaPuppy Bitch  
Daygar Pawnee WarriorPuppy Dog  
Stelph Little LadMinor Puppy Dog  
Stelph Lady AnnabelleMinor Puppy Bitch  

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