Southern Bullmastiff Society Championship Dog Show
Date:  06-Aug-95
Place:  Liesure Centre, Leatherfield
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr Gerald Warren (D) & Mrs Lynne Pratt (B)
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Graecia MercuryBest of Breed  
Wyburn HannahReserve Best of Breed  
Wyburn HannahBest Bitch  
Graecia MercuryBest Dog  
Maxstoke MontyReserve Best Dog  
Murbisa Chasing RainbowsReserve Best Bitch  
Murbisa Chasing RainbowsBest Puppy  
Jusamo LuciferVeteran Dog  
Banshee of BunsoroVeteran Bitch  
Maxstoke Emily of MolosserOpen Bitch  
Maxstoke MontyOpen Dog  
Graecia MercuryLimit Dog  
Wyburn HannahLimit Bitch  
Dayjaris SebastianMiddle Limit dog  
Flintstock Tiger LilyMiddle Limit Bitch  
Bunsoro MarniePost Graduate Bitch  
Oldwell MontyPost Graguate Dog/Bitch  
Licassa Daisy MayTyro Bitch  
Bournevalley OmarTyro Dog  
Licassa Daisy MayNovice Bitch  
Tartuffe JokerMaiden Dog  
Dajean Judge DreadJunior Dog  
Bournevalley QuintonaJunior Bitch  
Murbisa Chasing RainbowsPuppy Bitch  
Neafays Big Boss ManPuppy Dog  
Bournevalley ShawneeMinor Puppy Bitch  
Bournevalley OdinMinor Puppy Dog  

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