Manchester Dog Show Society
Date:  11-Feb-00
Place:  G-Mex Exhibition Centre, Manchester, England
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr Bill Harris
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Last Tango at EvenstarBest of Breed  
Ch Optimus MajorBest Dog  
Last Tango at EvenstarBest Bitch  
Jamemos Bow TieReserve Best Dog  
Zammit Rare OnyxReserve Best Bitch  
Licassa Miss LouiseBest Puppy  
Naukeen BrodieOpen Bitch 4 (4)
Ch Optimus MajorOpen Dog 6 (6)
Jamemos Bow TieLimit Dog 8 (8)
Last Tango at EvenstarLimit Bitch 10 (10)
Zammit Rare OnyxPost Graduate Bitch 10 (10)
Century PrincePost Graduate dog 9 (9)
Ultraglen ElliotJunior Dog 8 (8)
Dajoxx Bam BamJunior Bitch 5 (5)
Od'Jays Midget GemSpecial Yearling Bitch 3 (3)
Century PrinceSpecial Yearling Dog 3 (3)
Redanix FalchionBest Puppy Dog  
Licassa Miss LouiseBest Puppy Bitch  
Licassa Miss LouisePuppy Bitch 3 (3)
Redanix FalchionPuppy Dog 3 (3)
Pilmuir EssbeejayMinor Puppy Dog 4 (4)
Parabulls Amazing GraceMinor Puppy Bitch 3 (3)

I would like to hear from any reader of this page on any Bullmastiff UK Show Results shown or not shown.
I would also like to know if any of the dogs Pedigrees are correct
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