Blackpool Championship Dog Show
Date:  23-Jun-95
Place:  The Coppice Field G.R.E. Estate, Ballam, Lytham, Lancs
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs Sue Reynolds
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Bournevalley Misty at MeitzaBest of Breed  
Copperfield Capt BaileyBest Dog  
Bournevalley Misty at MeitzaBest Bitch  
Licassa Jolly RogerReserve Best Dog  
Copperfield Capt BaileyOpen Dog  
Licassa Jolly RogerLimit Dog  
Bournevalley Misty at MeitzaLimit Bitch  
Leyrigg Captain BlakePost Graduate dog  
Licassa Little Diamond of OldwellPost Graduate Bitch  
Rossir Tonka ToyNovice Dog  
Bullenca Crystal Spirit of SapphireNovice Bitch  
Black Velveteer of DavlaineJunior Dog  
Bournevalley QuintonaJunior Bitch  
Dayjaris Red HerringPuppy Dog  
Tiraslee GwenllianPuppy Bitch  

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