Bullmastiff Society of Scotland 25th Championship Show
Date:  23-Mar-96
Place:  Cochrane Hall, Alva
Show Type: Championship Show
Mr John Cambell
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Copperfield Capt BaileyBest of Breed  
Copperfield Capt BaileyBest Dog  
Mascona Calypso of TartuffeBest Bitch  
Celtic Dragon at QuillmyrReserve Best Dog  
Bournevalley QuintonaReserve Best Bitch  
Quillmyr SafronBest Puppy  
Sylou StartrekkerVeteran Dog  
Copperfield Capt BaileyOpen Dog  
Mascona Calypso of TartuffeOpen Bitch  
Bournevalley QuintonaLimit Bitch  
Black Velveteer of DavlaineLimit Dog  
Clyth SaifearPost Graduate Bitch  
Celtic Dragon at QuillmyrPost Graduate dog  
Clyth SaifearGraduate Bitch  
Bournevalley Okanagen at MeitzaGraduate Dog  
Perchance to DreamDebutant Bitch  
Bournevalley Okanagen at MeitzaDebutant Dog  
Neafays King CreoleTyro Dog  
Perchance to DreamTyro Bitch  
Clyth TabnachNovice Bitch  
Neafays King CreoleNovice Dog  
Tartuffe Made to MeasureJunior Bitch  
Bournevalley Okanagen at MeitzaJunior Dog  
Jimdel Mischevious Winston at RosatBest Puppy Dog  
Jimdel Mischevious Winston at RosatPuppy Dog  
Tanglehill Destiny Angel at ShalaminePuppy Bitch  
Bryany VictorMinor Puppy Dog  
Quillmyr SafronMinor Puppy Bitch  

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