The Bullmastiff Association 10th Breed Championship Show
Date:  23-Sep-95
Place:  The Bullmastiff Association 10th Breed Championship Show
Show Type: Championship Show
Mrs D Warren (D) & Mrs M Qualters (B)
Challenge Certificate

Dog Class Entries(Dogs)
Maxstoke MontyBest of Breed  
Naukeen Sweet PoppetReserve Best of Breed  
Naukeen Sweet PoppetBest Bitch  
Maxstoke MontyBest Dog  
Tyleoni Kiss the BrideReserve Best Bitch  
Rodekes Alfonso SpagoneeReserve Best Dog  
Cadenham BolvenieBest Puppy  
Naukeen Sweet PoppetOpen Bitch  
Maxstoke MontyOpen Dog  
Heath Stars by NaukeenLimit Dog  
Kadon WarriorPost Graduate dog  
Clyth SaifearPost Graduate Bitch  
Tartuffe EvaGraduate Bitch  
Bournevalley OmarGraduate Dog  
Redanix AmbassadorTyro Dog  
Beorcan Aurora at PatchingsTyro Bitch  
Graecia Centauras to KadcrufNovice Dog  
Beorcan Aurora at PatchingsNovice Bitch  
Poachersfoe PrudenceMaiden Bitch  
Rodekes Alfonso SpagoneeJunior Dog  
Bournevalley QuintonaJunior Bitch  
Cadenham BolveniePuppy Bitch  
Bournevalley Okanagen at MeitzaPuppy Dog  
Dreadnot My Funny ValentineMinor Puppy Bitch  
Odins Special Brew of PegarryMinor Puppy Dog  

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