Aldoricka Charlotte Of Bunsoro
Date of BirthOwnerBreeder
27/04/2002Unknown - UnknownUnknown - Unknown

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
CH Bunsoro Red Sails Kingsreach the Navigator of Murbisa CH Murbisa the Ferryman Bosun of Bunsoro
Murbisa Scarlet Ribbons
Barclaydoans Lilybelle Birchills Charlie
Annabelle of Broughton
Jamemos Birita of Bunsoro Bosun of Bunsoro CH Bunsoro Bombadier
Petabrook Kissy
Jamemos Regal Bee CH Jazzy Jaffa
Lady Zoe of Hadfield
Aldoricka Bronte Bunsoro Bymesen Red Velvet Knight of Bunsoro CH Bunsoro Red Sails
Ferlines Dayna of Ballyheath
Jamemos Brita of Bunsoro Bosun of Bunsoro
Jamemos Regal Bee
Turark I'm Suzie at Aldoricka Turark Zakarias Bacchus of Bunsoro
Todomas Katrina at Turark
Turark Kay-Sara CH Norwegian Wood of Rodekes
Dajean Molly Moppet at Turark

Date ShowJudgeAwards
13/09/2003 Darlington Dog Show Society Championship ShowMrs M WildmanJunior Bitch

All Results shown are only the main prize winners and 1st place in each class.
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